Hayo No. 3: North

Hayo No. 3: North

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True north: an internal compass that guides us through life and allows us to be our fullest selves at the deepest level. We have gathered all kinds of stories to explore the theme of north from various vantage points—from Canada to Kenya, from Germany to Colombia—and in each of these stories, you’ll find an underlying quest to find, define or understand home and, ultimately, to discover and experience a sense of belonging. 



A Part of the Wild: Joanna Riquett joins the local Samburu people, expats, elephants and giraffes in the harmonious wilderness of northern Kenya.

The Frolic Architecture of Snow: Andrew Berardini weaves a poetic meditation on snow, with a photo essay on climate change in Norway by Greta Rybus.

Homecoming: Lima Al-Azzeh searches for the meaning of “home” by asking those who don’t have a simple answer with illustrations by Louise Reimer.

The Laundresses of Magdalena: Linda Esperanza Aragón observes the social life of Magdalena, centered on the Zapayan Swamp with texts by Joanna Riquett.

Mexico City: from Pre-Hispanic Design to Protest Art: Emily Crain examines today’s creative boom in the diverse and bustling capital city of Mexico, with photos by Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock and Joanna Riquett.


Other Contributors

Shayd Johnson, Sarah Theeboom, Justyna Krol, Johanna Read, Piers McEwan, Raisa Galofre, Jade Whitham, Kristin Ramsey, Brianna McCarthy, Sylvie Ringer. 


In numbers

Dimension: 7.5” x 9.5”
Number of pages: 145
offset printed on uncoated paper + smooth cover
Weight: 500 g
ISSN 2369-4467


Hayo is a coffee table magazine for travelers curious about arts, culture and photography. A publication for creatives, we uncover the heart and soul of a place by sharing stories and images from people who have experienced it firsthand, offering fresh perspectives of popular and unknown locations.

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